måndag 8 augusti 2011

Spelsystem EM

For your information there will be 35 teams for the EC.

There will be 8 groups (5 groups with 4 teams + 3 groups with 5 teams).

The 1/4 finalists from Nice 2009 will be seeded. As there was 2 french teams among the 1/4 finalists, we also seed no. 1 at B-EC from Nice.

2 best from each group to 4 poules with barrage. Rest to B-EC.

To find the 2 best teams we use theese formula:
1) Wins
2) +score between the actual teams
3) +score all matches
4) highest score
(NB: Maybe that´s not the 100% we do it, but it will be announced before the first jack is thrown).

In B-EC we will play the swiss system for the 19 teams, and the 9 best will be qualified (together with 1/8 finalists from A-EC) for the WC in Marseille. If Sweden has 2 teams between the 25 best, the 26th best will be qualified instead of one of the swedish teams.
(NB: We never know how FIPJP wil react, so this is subject).

For the 1/4 finals to be played sunday morning, the 8 best from A-EC and the 8 best from B-EC will play KO.
Same for semifinals.

There is a “key” which will be published before the drawing.

There will be a drawing for the semifinal in A-EC, and two swedish teams cannot meet in the final.

All matches will be played to 13.

Mike Pegg and Klaus Eschbach will be in charge for the tournament together with SBF-helpers (minimums 2 persons).

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